Experienced Representation Of Seriously Injured Victims And Their Families

Attorney Gregory P. Howe has built his reputation on persistence, commitment and passion. His vigilance and extensive legal background have made him one of Vermont’s most dependable names in defense of those who have suffered serious injuries. 

Personal Injury And Civil Litigation Services In Vermont

Adamant In Trial, 

Relentless During Negotiations

Whether you need our firm to hold insurance companies responsible or pursue your best interests in civil disputes, attorney Gregory P. Howe stands ready to help. As a long-standing member of the Vermont legal community, Mr. Howe understands the extent and impact of your case.

At the Law Office of Gregory P. Howe, you can expect industry-recognized service and customer care. We hold our firm to high standards that lead directly to positive results. In addition to years of successful representation, Mr. Howe is recognized by his peers for his customer service and effective results.

Why You Can Trust The

Law Office of Gregory P. Howe

Legal conflicts are often overwhelming; in many cases, your future hangs on the results. At the Law Office of Gregory P. Howe, you can take comfort — you do not need to have the solutions or work alone. Mr. Howe gives you a complete picture of the legal process and equips you with critical information necessary to find the best solutions possible.

When you sit down at your first appointment, you can expect that Mr. Howe will:

  • Listen closely to what you say and ask vitally important clarifying questions
  • Analyze your legal options, including explaining a preliminary set of solutions
  • Evaluate the strength of your case to determine what forums are ideal for you
  • Clarify your next steps

The Law Office of Gregory P. Howe is a trusted legal resource for a reason. Ask us about our past successes and how we can help you.

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